The raindrops fade away, time to go out to play. With Thumper and Bambi in spring, Disney has many varieties of treats to bring. The place of magic is more than the beautiful scenery and thrill seeking rides. The source of nostalgia comes from many memories of its attendants but also really good food.

Carne Tacos from Cocina Cucumonga: 4/10- $11.99

These were okay but the meat was dry and the tortilla was mealy. I would suggest going with an old fashioned corn dog rather than these. Not Mexican approved.

Pancakes at the Red Rose Tavern: 7/10- $9.49

This was a good breakfast. The pancake was good and a little crispy so it was filling. The tater tots were a little salty but crispy. However I do not recommend their coffee, which decreased the overall score.

Alien Macarooooon, Pizza Planet: 10/10- $6.99

This is a 10/10 for those with a sweet tooth. The blackberry filling is sweet but also a little tart and the cookie is soft and delicious. The surprise of the lemon curd in the middle was a good touch to it. I regret not getting another.

Pepperoni Pizza, Pizza Planet, $8.49:9/10

This pizza was huge but delicious. Definitely worth the money. The cheese and pepperoni ratio was supreme. The only bad thing is a personal reference is the crust is a bit thick at the end but take that to your own preference. Two thumbs up.

Food at LA Style, Glazed BBQ Pork Belly- $9.00: 8/10

This was for sure a treat. The pork was good, the flavor was on point albeit slightly dry. This would have been a 9/10 if there had been more sauce. If you like ribs, I recommend this treat.

Pym’s Testing Kitchen: Apple Caramel Bacon Pretzel, $12.99: 7/10

This was a good and quick treat to snack on in between rides. The caramel provided sweetness which went well with the candied bacon and softness of the pretzel. The apple and cinnamon brought a nostalgic flavor which I enjoyed. However the dried cranberries made it tart which ruined it slightly. Still good though.

All in all, these are my opinions of treats and what I could grab but there are so many more to explore and you might want to try. Disneyland is more than rides and attractions, it is a magnet for foodies who want to experience new flavors. So like Aladdin, discover a whole new world of food and magic at Disneyland.

Plus it helps the rest of the world in its own small ways. If you’re interested, don’t be hesitant to give it a chance! You never know what you might create.