Voting is a right of passage for most, and if not, all people. Turning eighteen and taking the first baby steps towards adulthood by dropping off a ballet is something young adults crave as they move forward being independent. Receiving the “I voted sticker” is an award of accomplishment instead of a young child-stealing it from their parents thinking they’ve made an impact. In this year's 2022 elections, multiple people are supporting the candidates they believe are the best for running in their local, federal, or state office.

In local offices, there are many qualified applicants running in major cities. In California, there are currently nine positions open and ready to be filled as the election day passes. Today, in Anaheim, republican Harry Sidhu (the first colored person to serve as the mayor in Anaheim) is planning on running once again after his win in 2018. He is additionally a licensed mechanical engineer and part of an organization that promotes India and United States relations. Another possible candidate is Democrat Paul McNamara for Escondido, California. Mr. McNamara plans on re-electing after his great success with the help of his role in SANDAG; the San Diego Democratic Party.

In the upcoming federal elections, at least thirty-four out of a hundred seats will be replaced by the end of this year. The chairs are separated into three “classes” and candidates have already been appointed for the next authority. The House of Representatives will soon be up for election as well. As of now, at least 42 representatives (29 Democrats, 13 Republicans) have announced their resignations. This will overall be a “special” election since the pandemic and a large ratio of districts lacking multiple incumbents; meaning the next people in office will turn regulations around for the better of the country.

Multiple state positions have been up and ready as someone takes the spot of a high official. The United States senator would be up for “grabs'' as well as governor, secretary of state, treasurer, attorney general, insurance commissioner, etc. The process to be qualified is a journey itself that many people can not accomplish! Having every checkbox marked is what makes the candidate a great option to take full accountability on basically, the shoulders of the American people.

Although as high schoolers we aren’t able to vote nor have our own voice on potential candidates, it’s our duty to be educated and familiarize ourselves with the system before having the responsibility of being a mindful adult voting for the first time. Future elections should be a chance to become aware of political boundaries/parties and the best option of one that meets their criteria.