Hello! I'm Sig!

Before you get to know me more, I just want to say Happy Pride Month!! You are loved just as you are.

I'm 16 years old and I'm a sophomore at Freedom. I love spending time with my family, going to church, dancing, playing instruments, acting, playing soccer, and of course writing.

I wanted to be the editor of News because I have a passion for equal representation, and informing the community on prevalent issues.I am overjoyed at this opportunity to serve my community and the student body by providing a legitimate source of news and information. I'm very proud of everyone in this journalism class and I can't wait to see everyone grow more as the year goes on, as writers and people.

Here's a little more about me!

This is me with my family! (Picture left-right: my brother, my grandpa, my grandma, my dad, my mom, me, and my other grandma.) I'm half Salvadorian and half Mexican! My grandparetns imigrated to the U.S. for better oportunites. I love my family and the culture we all share and mix together. This picture was taken for my grandpas birthday we went to Shirasoni Japanese Resturant beacuse he loves Asain food.