What is fast fashion? To start, it’s essentially in the name. Fashion manufactured at a fast speed. That might make you confused because if it’s just fashion produced quickly, why is it so hated?

While speed is one of the things that make it fast fashion, it's also heavily associated with unethically made clothing. You have many popular places known for being unethical like shein, romwe, pink lily, etc. These unethically made brands can be very harmful to not only the environment but to society. Let's Get into why.

What exactly does unethically made clothes look like? Well To start, it can include the making of the clothes like using sweatshops or using cheaply made materials. It can also include the work conditions like underpaid employees working long hours, an unsanitary work environment, and harsh bosses. Not only is fast fashion harmful for the workers, it's also incredibly harmful to society.

To start, the excessive use of materials to make the clothing, run the factories, and the price of it all has had a long lasting effect. The factories that make this clothing use an excessive amount of water to run it.

Specifically, one tenth of all water used industrially is used to run these factories. It also takes lots of harmful chemicals to dye this clothing that's being dumpier in our oceans. Which leads me to the environmental impact.

Synthetic materials are one of the main causes for plastic microfibers in the ocean. A quarter of these plastics account for the plastic in the ocean. To lower the price and make more money, companies use cheap materials that release far more carbon than higher quality materials. When these fabrics finally break down, they release toxic chemicals that are harmful to marine life. These clothes may be affordable but the impact they're having on our oceans is simply not worth it. Due to how cheap these clothes are, there's been a big market for them. But with how fast trends come and go in fashion, there's an even larger amount of waste coming out of it. Over 57% of all discarded clothing ends up in Combining all of these harmful acts add up to being increasingly harmful to the earth. This is the only home we have, so we need to start treating it with respect.

I know many people simply don't have the money to shop ethically, and that's completely understandable.

So here are some cheaper, ethical, and sustainable clothing brands. Happy shopping!

Yes Friends!
Honest Basics
Little Emperer
Sense Organics
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Fair Indigo