Summer is rolling around soon and for many, that means some time to earn some money. Whether it be for themselves, for their families, or just to gain experience for the future, a summer job is a choice many students in high school decide on. The issue is that not many kids know what would be a suitable job for them over the summer. Here are some summer jobs that may work out for you.

1. Cashier

National average salary: $11.02 per hour

As a cashier, your primary responsibility is to scan and ring up the items that a customer is purchasing as well as process payments, return and exchange items for customers, bag purchases, resolve customer issues, and complete price checks.

2. Barista

National average salary: $11.46 per hour

Baristas are responsible for making beverages. The beverages are usually coffee and tea drinks. They typically take orders from guests, suggest other items on the menu, clean their work area and any equipment they may be using, and sometimes serve drinks to customers.

3. Server

National average salary: $12.12 per hour

Your primary job as a server would be to take the orders of the guests and communicate them to the kitchen staff. They also serve guests their food and beverage orders, ring up orders, print out checks, answer menu questions, and make sure they are satisfied.

4. Dog Walker

National average salary: $15.42 per hour

Dog walkers provide basic care to their client’s dog. They do things such as bathe them, feed them, and keep the dog company for a certain period of time. They also take them out on walks to make sure their client’s dog is getting enough exercise.

5. Babysitter/Nanny

National average salary: $18.03 per hour

As a babysitter or nanny, your job is to care for babies and younger children. They feed, bathe, clothe, and play with the kids under their supervision. Some may also change diapers, prepare bottles, and put babies down for naps. Some babysitters also come up with activities and basic lesson plans for the children.

Summer is fast approaching, and many will be on the lookout for a summer job. Here are just a few jobs that could work for high school students, but there are many more great jobs out there. Remember to stay vigilant when searching for jobs as there are many available jobs out there for you to apply for.