What's up Freedom high? My name is Salem but obviously you know that because you had to click on my name to be here. Anyways I've always had a love for writing so that's honestly my main reason for being part of the school newspaper along with other things of course.I'm your Feature editor, my page is all about cool stuff that wouldn't really fit into another page. My page is more of a random category with anything and everything your imagination could come up with.

Mini-autobiography time, So as you can tell I'm a junior. I signed up for this without knowing what to expect. The moment I walked into this class I saw so many people and it amazed me because I had no idea that this many people had an interest in writing. After the first few weeks people started dropping the class but the people who actually stayed are amazing people. Everyone here writes wonderful articles and we all get along really well. I can honestly say that we have become rather close in this class because everyone has a voice here. Your opinion always matters and it's more of a student run class. Our teacher just here for advice and support along with other things but this is our class and the students here are doing wonderfully as it is. This became more of a persuasive essay to get new people to join rather than about me but I'm here for it. I'm also in Center Stage but for those of you who dont know what that is it's the schools theater club. I also am fluent in spanish. I dont have the luxuary to travel very often but if i did the first place i would go is mexico.

Fun Facts

I'm Mexican, everyone always assumes I'm Philipino so i kinda had to state the obvious here. I've been writting since i was really young, my all time favorite thing to write is definitely poems.

I love anime i've been watching since I was 9, so recommendations are appreciated, Manga Recs as well.