Hiiii Freedom Falcons ! My name is Evie Aguirre and I am your A&E co-editor with the charming MIOOOOO!! My job is to provide information on art topics that happen here on our campus as well as add in topics that appeal to you all. Arts and Entertainment will never have you bored. With so many articles to read I'm sure there will be something that interests you all. If you ever have any suggestions for the newspaper or for my section in particular please feel free to email me!

Some more about myself is that I am 17 years old. I'm a Senior (yay!). Funny story actually... I do not remember signing up for the journalism class so when I got my schedule i was very confused but decided to stay, and I'm very happy I did as it is one of my favorite classes. I had a bit of a hard time learning how to code but it's pretty easy to pick up, if you're considering taking the class keep this in mind.

Apart from completing school, I have a various amount of hobbies. I love love love to dance, I've been dancing since I was in 8th grade and even competed at the world of dance ! I wasn't very good then but it was still an amazing experience and last year I even joined a group called Kfan8! (pronounced caffinate) you can follow the page @get.addicted.kfan8 Besides dancing I'm very much into art (you can follow my art page @eviesartdump), I'm currently the vice president for Art Club( pls follow us @artclubfhs2022 ), I crochet and I read!

A little more about me is that I'm very ambitiousss. After high school I'm going to go off to the Navy! I feel like it's a bit surprising to hear but I've been thinking about enlisting for quite sometime now. I was first presented the idea in my junior year and after a lot of research and meetings with recruiters i decided that it was a good option for me. After I'm done with my contract I'm going to go off to college!1!1 I have yet to decide where to go to college but I am for sure going to double major in law and psychology. I've kind of always wanted to be a lawyer, ever since I was in middle school. I have always loved the idea of helping people and well arguing of course ! And since I'm so crazy I want to get my doctorate in both majors, I just like to learn everything in those subjects and I really like the idea of being called Doctor.

that's all for my life story guys, if you wanna be the coolest person on the planet pls follow my instagram it's @mfingevie ! love you guys <3