Hello everyone! My name is Mariza Soto and I'm the editor for the Sports page! I'm here to serve you all with knowlege of everything sports...at least to the best of my ability. If you have anything you want to share about sports or ideas for a future article, don't hesitate to reach out to us!

A little “autobiography” about myself: I am a 17 year-old senior, trying to enjoy my last year stress-free. I enjoy reading and writing and my goal is to start studying English when I graduate high school and maybe, possibly, minor in Education. I have an amazing family with many animals and most likely more to come. I like to think I'm a very chill person, my favorite artist is Lana Del Rey, my favorite video game is Animal Crossing, and my favorite book is way too hard to choose but it's most likely a romance that made me ball my eyes out.

I signed up for Journalism, mostly because Noelia, one of the editors-in-chief and my best friend, wouldn't stop bugging me to join but also because I needed the class period filled. I never expected it to now become one of the classes I look forward going to at the end of the day. It's a great way for me to end the school day. It's helped my writing improve and when I look back at my old articles, I see a distinct change in my writings. Unlikely the other editors (at least I think so, don't quote me on this), I enjoy editing so much, which is a heavy contender for why I enjoy this class so much. It's honestly like a family when we have our classes. It's a great enviorment full of support and fun. I'm really happy I joined and I hope anyone else viewing this will use my opinion and join!

The idea of independence is a very important one to me. I've been raised by my parents and strong people around me to always be myself and to never rely on another person. Though, I do think it's okay to lend out a helping hand and ask for help, independence, to me, gives one indivuality. It's a goal of mine to buy myself my dream car or home later on in life because it'll show me and others that I'm successful and independent. I think it's important for others to find a goal like this. Whether you're a fellow student at FHS or you're just here to peep in, finding what's important to you and turning that into one of your life goals is so motivating. I have SEVERE procrastination and this helps so much. It's comforting to know if I'm successful now, it'll just be building blocks for the future.