The Amazing Digital Circus had just released their pilot on october 13th and it was an absolute success and overall They started off very well. They even have their own little fandom now and the plot is its very own thing. What happens in this pilot episode is a character named Pomni was put in this digital world after putting on this headset that she now can't take off. There are other people in this digital world named Gangle, Zooble, Kinger too, Ragatha, Jax and then there is Kaufmo . But Kaufmo goes insane and turns into a glitch. There is also Caine and Bubbles , Caine is one of the most important protagonists in this pilot . They have all looked for an exit and there isn't, which usually drives people insane and it does because that's how Kaufmo dies .

There are also a lot of clues and theories in this pilot as well like how Caine made this company and everyone trapped in this Digital Circus worked for his company and they all put on the headset and are now stuck in this “Digital Circus” . There is also a theory kinda canon theory that Kinger had a wife, since Kinger is a chess piece hence the name Kinger. There was a weird little character in the background of one scene and one showed a chess piece that was a queen piece. Now she has no name but we all assume that Kinger had a wife that went insane and died. There are so many clues and theories in this little show that we don't know what's canon or not, we just have to wait for the next episode in 2024 .