Here on freedom high school campus we have a variety of clubs helping students to feel more connected. Clubs are bringing people together and giving someone a place where they feel they belong. Romeo King, FHS student, started his off campus car club called Crowned Kings. During an interview with him he discusses the clubs purpose to bring together a community, the way he talks about crowned kings sounds like he is talking about his own family. The support he feels from the people around him is unmatched. Crowned kings all started because of him and a few of his buddies. He says that just had an interest in cars and he decided to build a home not only for them but for anyone else that wanted to be a part of it. We also heard from Jessie Andrade, another freedom high school student who is apart of crowned king. He describes being a part of the club as finding something that made him feel at home. When he first joined the club he owned a BMW 530i and felt as if he didn't have the best car at the time. Although this didn't affect his place in crowned kings. The kind of car you had didn't matter, the passion and drive to appreciate and celebrate cars was what made you a member of crowned kings no matter what kind of car you had. Jessie also describes his opportunity given to him from crowned kings to market his own brand. Reaching for the Stars is a brand founded by Jessie, he sells street clothing all with a message behind it. On September 24th, 2023 there was a Crowned Kings X RFTS car meet. The way the two of these member describe this sense of unity to them is something so special. There were lines of cars and tons of people coming out to share their passion, there was a RFTS booth with merch set up by Jessie and his loved ones who came out to help and support him. Crowned kings is a family as much as it is an opportunity. There is opportunity for growth, and promotion. Knowing where you belong, having a place where you feel comfortable is what crowned kings is all about. We would like to thank Romeo King, and Jessie Andrade for the permission to write on their stories. If you would like to see more of what Crowned Kings is about check them out on instagram @crownedkingscc or on tik tok @crownedkingscc.