Google is testing A.I as a tool that is able to write news articles and as a new way to help journalists with their articles. Jenn Crider, a spokeswoman at google said that the tool is not intended and can’t replace their journalist and the task they perform. Despite Jenn Crider's statement, others are concerned about the whole situation, the main group being journalists who have been writing their own articles for years. New organizations are discussing whether they should or shouldn’t use A.I. The Times, and Insider have notified their employees that they intend to explore the use of A.I and its potential use. Another situation with the A.I has come up, content creators and news organizations, like The Time and NBC News have criticized Google and major A.I companies, for using their articles and posts to train the A.I system with compensation from the original creator. The Times and NBC have taken a position against A.I sucking up their data.