Cold winds are blowing onto our area and the people have reacted to the slight change of temperature. Though it would seem natural that people would put on warm clothing, there is still the style that differs from person to person depending on their taste in fashion. Even so, there have been a lot of similarities and “trends” that have risen due the winter season coming. These are a few that will be showcased.

The denim trend has taken a storm. Gen z in particular gravitates towards the style because of the baggy look it gives. Not only that but the clothes themselves are lightweight and it gives a lot of comfort. Notably, there has been a decline in young people nowadays dumping skinny jeans to show older generations their style.

An absolute essential to everyone’s closet is graphic clothing. Cool designs and usually nice quality is what gives it its trademark. Solid hoodies and sweatpants are usually worn as much if not more than it’s graphic counterparts but nowadays clothing brands are leaning more to the side of graphic clothing because people tend to buy it more than just plain solid colors. A downside however is that it’s almost 20 to 30% more expensive. Don’t let the price tag make you stray from it because it will more often than not complement finley with anything out of your wardrobe.

Good against rain and makes you a bit taller, what’s not to like? Shoes with big soles came into the scene due to the Adidas Ultra Boost release in 2015 and it paved the way for the modern shoes that you see nowadays. The cost is about the same as a regular sneaker but a lot of people will argue that these feel better because they primarily use fabric instead of plastic and leather. An all around shoe great for everyday use.