As most know, there is a war going on between Russia and the Ukraine and in war there are always consequences. There will always be casualties, to many’s dismay.

As of right now there have been almost 3,000 Ukrainian citizens who suffered death or incredible injury. These are not even counting the 6.5 million who are internally displaced and 4 million have been forced to flee to neighboring countries. Ukraine’s economy is devastating. On February 24, 2022 Russia officially invaded Ukraine, then launched a full-scale attack from multiple directions. It is said that Ukraine has caused the greatest humanitarian crisis in Europe since the Second World War, thousands of lives have been taken, families destroyed, their homes gone and their incomes no more.

Since the invasion and declaration of war against Ukraine many companies have stopped working with the aggressors of the war, Russia. Starbucks and Coca-Cola have already cut their ties with Russia entirely, as well as the huge company Amazon, they have all gone in depth that they do not support the war, or Russia in this entire ordeal. Even the semi-popular game Fortnite has banned russian players from competing in tournaments with cash prizes. Even though Russia is getting no money from game companies, the same can’t be said for the Ukraine, the game company Epic Games and even Microsoft itself have teamed up to raise over 144 million dollars for organizations seeking to help the Ukraine. So if you want to help assist these innocent people in their time of need, you can buy games from Xbox and microsoft to help yourself and the proceeds go straight to a charity assisting the people who were hurt and sent out of Ukraine.