The wage gap has been a recurring topic in many conversations regarding politics. As of late, the media has not covered this topic as much as it has used to. Now, when searching more on this topic many different aspects are revealed.

When talking about the wage gap, many people tend to talk more about the wage gap regarding gender, however there are more problems than just the gender pay gap.

For every dollar a man makes, today a woman will make 82 cents. “Analyzing the most recent Census Bureau data from 2018, women of all races earned, on average, just 82 cents for every $1 earned by men of all races. This calculation is the ratio of median annual earnings for women working full time, year round to those of their male counterparts, and it translates to a gender wage gap of 18 cents. When talking about the wage gap for women, it is important to highlight that there are significant differences by race and ethnicity. The wage gap is larger for most women of color.” says the Center of American Progress.

Jobs that are heavily associated with women (ie: nursing, child care, etc.) have a lower pay and fewer benefits than jobs that are associated with men (ie: construction, jobs in trades, etc.)

While the topic of race rarely comes up when on the topic of the wage gap, it does play a very big role in regards to the pay gap.

“For example, for every $1 earned by white, non-Hispanic men, Filipino women earned 83 cents, Tongan women earned 75 cents, and Nepali women earned 50 cents. The larger wage gaps for most women of color reflect the compounding negative effects of gender bias as well as racial and/or ethnic bias on their earnings.”- Center of American Progress

Not only does this affect women of color, but this also affects men of color. In a study done by Payscale, they found out that black men have the largest “uncontrolled pay gap.”

"Even as black or African-American men climb the corporate ladder, they still make less than equally qualified white men. They are the only racial/ethnic group that does not achieve pay parity with white men at some level." reported Jackson Gruver.

Although the wage gap is slowly coming to a close, a large population of people are constantly being affected by it.

Roevin Geronimo

Roevin Geronimo is a part of the Class of 2022 at Freedom High School. They enjoy jewelery making and painting.