Vlone is a respected street clothing brand founded by a cat named Jabari Shelton, he also goes by two names “A$AP Bari” or “Young Lord.”

The company came onto the scene back in 2011 with a group of New York based artists and clothing designers. Their upbringings and music taste all contributed to the eventual birth that has come to be known as the Vlone clothing brand.

The official net-worth of the company is still unknown because of the overall age of the company and the little amount of units/clothes they put out on their websites. Many can safely assume that the company can be valued millions of dollars.

On February 26 the clothing company finally released the collaboration that highlighted itself with hall of fame and five time NBA Champion Dennis Rodman.

The collab was highly anticipated for months because Rodman himself would be seen in public events wearing the teased clothing like in an interview with GQ, a men’s monthly fashion and culture magazine.

Everything featured on the site, whether that be hoodies, sweatpants, and even a cheetah printed basketball quickly sold out like most “hype beast” brands generally end up. Here's what there was to offer. Three Vlone Rodman hoodies and tees would come out all with different graphics and writing. They all feature Rodman in one way or another; one shirt depicts him with devil horns and the Vlone trademark on his forehead. Others have a 90s Rodman posing in the foreground with the logo on his forehead or with the Vlone name in big bold letters above his head. All shirts and hoodies will have the same designs and would come in either solid black or white. Along with the tees and hoodies, they would also release shorts and sweatpants as well. Interestingly enough, besides the other two cheetah print basketball shorts, Rodman also had the idea to release Muay Thai Vlone x Rodman shorts.

The sweatpants came with two designs, one with 90s traditional tribal patterns with the Vlone name in big bubble letters on the waist band, and another dubbed the “devil sweats” (which instead of the tribal they replaced it with the signature V with an image of something in front of it all with writing written all around it.)

Two unforeseen items also appeared on the site being a cheetah printed basketball and a Rodman hat. The basketball has the Rodman brand logo on one side and the Vlone logo on the other while the hat has an embroidered Dennis with the Vlone “V” on his forehead all on a black hat.

Though the collaboration may seem like a dream come true for many, a large number of people do not see the drop in the same light as them.

People for almost the past decade for his affiliation towards North Korea and its leader Kim Jong Un even publicly saying that quote, “he’s a great guy.” Though this may be a good reason to not side with the man, many Rodman enthusiasts will say that we should be thanking his attachment to the supreme leader because, or so they say, he was the middle man for the current “peace” between the United States and North Korea.

Whatever your stance may be, surely the vast majority of people can agree that Rodman laid the foundation for the current NBA fashion scene by destroying gender norms and normalizing tattoos while being active on the court.