And we’re back again with another Valentines Day Season! Last year I gave you guys some simple, however not unoriginal, gift ideas for the people important to you, and this year we’re back with more suggestions! Though not everyone’s love language is “gift giving,” when it comes to showing a little appreciation for when St Valentine rolls around, it certainly couldn’t hurt to spring for one of the best gifts for them. They’re tokens of affection best when accompanied by a romantic letter, cheesy greeting card, or quality time. Here, I’m going to be sharing the best gift ideas for friends, families, and of course, that special someone.

But first, where does Valentine's day come from? Well, the first ever Valentine's day was thought to be celebrated at 400 C.D. There's many possible origins, as having a day to celebrate love is thought to be a very old and traditional idea. St Valentine himself is of Roman descent. One legend cites that Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome. Claudius II, the emperor at the time, had decided that single men made better soldiers than husbands with families, so he outlawed marriage for the young men. Valentine disagreed with this law and rebelled against Claudius. He then started to perform marriages for young couples in secret. When Valentine’s actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that he be put to death. Of course this is only one of the legends but even so, it's a very bittersweet tragedy.

Now that we know some of the history of the holiday, how can we celebrate? I'm sure most people associate Valentine's day as being a holiday for couples, but that's not entirely true. Valentine's day is a holiday for Love. Whether that be celebrating with your family, friends, or even loving yourself, is up to you. Here is a list that offers options for every occasion!

♥ Flowers! Flowers are a very traditional gift idea that can be universal for all people and genders. You could go simple with a few roses, or you could go big and get a whole bouquet. Now if you wanna be more original here are some ideas. Depending on what they’re into, you could get flowers of their favorite colors, or even their favorite color schemes. For example, depending on what interest they have a hello kitty or spiderman inspired bouquet. If you want something that will last longer you could even do paper or crocheted flowers!

♥ Crocheted/knitted items! Whether you’re making them yourself or buying them online. crocheted/knitted items are always a good go to. You can get custom made hand warmers, stuffed animals, shirts, sweaters, etc. that will make your loved one feel extra loved.

♥ Get creative! Not all of us have the budget for some of these ideas and that's okay! Not everything fun should drain your savings. And a way into your loved ones heart will always be handmade gifts. Whether it be a handmade vinyl (which I made for my girlfriend when we first got together) or a little box for trinkets, as long as it comes from the heart, that's all that matters.. You could even do a scavenger hunt with your friends, hide notes around the house for your family to find, make a gift basket, the possibilities are only as endless as your imagination. And they’ll be sure to love it. I find all my handmade gift ideas on tik tok or pinterest.

♥ Handwritten letters! On the topic of handmade things, letters are the perfect idea. Write about how grateful you are for this person and how they make your moments together extra special. If you wanna be original you could stain the letter with coffee and burn the sides to seem like an old victorian letter. For an extra touch, write in cursive and tie the letter with ribbon.

♥Hand painted puzzle! All you need is any cheap puzzle from a thrift store, get acrylic paints and your creative mind and bam you have a handmade puzzle! Depending on who it’s for you could write different things. For a family member you could write something about being grateful for them or you could draw a picture of a family of little animals. For friends you could write/draw an inside joke or some characters you relate to as friends. For a spouse you could do all of the above!

Now that you have some ideas as to how to celebrate this day, don't forget, you’re loved! Valentines isn’t just for being nice to others, while that is a part of it, it's also about being nice to yourself. Do what makes you happy and have an amazing day of love.