As old tv shows and movies leave us, new ones come in. Netflix has a series of 120 shows and movies coming out in the month of September, according to Newsweek. When I checked the coming soon category from the Netflix app, it showed a variety of things but I decided to pick one new tv show, two movies, and one documentary to talk about for this month. The first documentary was called “Sins of Our Mother” directed by Skye Borgman which is about the dark and twisted disappearance of Lori Vallow’s kids but during the search for them, death’s started to appear. If you're someone who is into a quick mystery and true crime, that may be the series for you but if not, there are other options like this movie called “Do Revenge” by Jennifer Robinson. “Do Revenge” is about two girls who wish to seek vengeance on their enemies and what better way to do it then to have both enemies get humiliated by someone they don’t even know? Not to mention the movie has some noticeable faces in there, like Camila Mendes who’s best known for her role as Veronica in Riverdale and Maya Hawke who plays as Robin on Stranger Things. Another movie coming out this September is “End of the Road” with Queen Latifah as the main character named Brenda. The story is about Brenda and her family hearing some loud noise in their next door neighbors hotel room in the middle of nowhere that resulted in a death plus some incriminating money being found and taken by Brenda’s brother which results in people coming after her for the money and won’t stop until they get what they want. The last film I will talk about is “The Imperfects' ' which is based around these teens who became an experiment and are facing abnormal side effects. With the side effects becoming stronger, the teens start to look for the one who is accountable for the change in them.