The Infamous dark fairy who cursed the young princess to fall into an eternal slumber with a prick of her finger on a spindle, only hope was to be awoken by true love’s kiss. However this is the story of Aurora or Briar Rose, not the story of Maleficent. Have you ever considered why Maleficent cursed the young princess? How did she come with so much hatred in her heart? This is based on the book by Serena Valentino not based on the movie starring Angelina Jolie.

This tale takes a different twist on her origin. Imagine being an outcast, having others be afraid of you because of your potential and being subjected to bullying because of it. This is the story of Maleficent, the poor fairy who was surrounded by fairies with normal wings who was outcasted because of her horns. She was however found and raised by her adoptive mother Nanny, an elder fairy who did see Maleficent’s potential but saw the good she could do with it rather than the evil. However Nanny’s sister, the Fairy Godmother, sought to do the opposite. She had used her power to evilize Maleficent to the other fairies and was denied access to become a fairy guardian, the highest honor a fairy could receive.

Sadly because of the influence of negativity Fairy Godmother had casted, an unfortunate event led Maleficent to unlock her true magic and destroy the Fairylands by dragon. This only fueled their hatred for the young fairy however these events led her susceptible to the powerful yet evil and manipulative influence of the Odd Sisters, witches who more than anything wanted to follow the Book of Fairytales.

A book that had the villains destinies pre foretold, an aspect the Odd Sisters who continue to keep intact. They gave young Maleficent a choice: the chance to regain her former self, to get back her positive spirit and her good attributes that were buried in the feelings of loss and hatred the Council of Fairies had instilled in her and to bring a part of herself back or not. Maleficent took the choice the Odd Sisters gave her, knowing the consequences of the spell they casted on her, and this is what turned her into the villain.

Now not to give the whole book away but instead of regaining a portion of herself, Maleficent lost herself completely which led to the story of Sleeping Beauty but Maleficent was not the villain of that story but the protector. Was the young fairy prone to evil or did the actions and behaviors done to her make her that way? Search up Serena Valentino at Barnes and Noble and find the answer for yourself. Maleficent could have wished once upon a dream but instead woke up to her nightmare.