Since the dawn of time art has been extremely prominent in our society. The earliest pieces of art can be traced all the way back tens of thousands of years to when ancient civilizations used materials at their disposal to depict noteworthy events.

Since then, the meaning of art has drastically changed.

Art is in most aspects of modern life. It is most associated with drawings and paintings no matter what the focal point of the piece is. But there are many diverse types of art that we don’t really give a second thought to.

These can be called “movements” in art history. These movements can be considered specific types of styles with a common philosophical meaning.

Dance, photography, street art, music, sculpting, pottery, engraving, etc. are all examples of drastically assorted styles with all different meanings.

Art has become very abundant in day-to-day life. It's nearly impossible to go through town or even on your phone and not find some form of art.

Modern Street art alone has made a huge appearance mainly in big cities starting in the 60’s. It started getting popular in the early 70’s when artists even started signing their works with their names or “tags”. These works in the graffiti type of style were considered a lot less professional than styles like surrealism or contemporary. They may get bad reputations but some of the most noteworthy and beautiful art has been street art.

The types of art you see in galleries are a result of decades of certain trends and movements coming together. Gaining popularity in The Renaissance, religious art styles started flooding the museums and galleries. The Mona Lisa, The Sistine Chapel, etc. are fitting examples of popular art works from these periods.

Art comes in all different forms. No matter how big or small or how detailed or miniscule the artwork is, it all has some things in common. They all have their own individual meanings and interpretations. Art can make people feel things.

They can be extremely personal and expressive. There are so many artists and aspiring artists today using various kinds of mediums and art styles. Which is why it is so important to expand our minds and understand these different forms of expression.