We often focus on mainstream sports such as baseball, football and soccer. The more well known and most popular of sports in high school and in general. However we forget that other sports on our campus exist. It is important to show encouragement and pride in all of the sports we have at Freedom as well as the athletes that partake in them such as tennis, track and field, and swim.

This is to show appreciation to one of the great teams we have on our campus: track and field. On March 1st, 2023 our school’s runners went up against Pittsburg’s team. The entire event was very fun and it was amazing to see the diversity in athletes and the strength of the runners.

The first thing I recognized when arriving at the event was the enthusiasm of them and their support. Despite the cold weather and the wind, the runners and the support they have was astonishing. Throughout the beginning of the meet, the team is seen stretching, warming up and interacting with each other. After each event, as the runners crossed the finish line it can be clearly seen the good sportsmanship from both teams and their interactions. The energy from the runners is clear and apparent as each gives their best in each event such as the 100, 200, 800, 1600, and 2400 meter runs, long jump and hurdles. The spirit of the both Freedom and Pittsburg was great to see as they completed the events with grace and congratulated each other after the fact. The cold did not stop these our Falcons because throughout the wind and cold, they are still warming up for their events and cheering on their teammates. Freedom’s track runners gained support from many including a visit from Dr. Amaro on the field. Pittsburg gave a good competition as well, with some of them rivaling our own in speed.

All in all, the events were interesting to watch and notice the routine of the runners as well as awesome on its own. However when cheering on our runners, please remember it is a sport for all and it is a competition not meant to trifle with each other over. Overall if you are looking for a sport on campus to come and support, come and support track and field. You will have a great time noticing everyone and their enthusiasm, however be prepared for the weather to be comfy. Experience how our team is definitely a different breed to be running in the weather they do. You can also support by donating to the link below. Run fast and hard Falcons. Help Freedom Falcons Track and Field '23 reach their goal! Will you consider donating?