The superbowl, the most exciting part of the end of the football season, for football fans nationwide it is a big anticipation to see what two teams are going to make the cut.This year the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles have made it farther than the rest and will be competing in the Superbowl this year. Both teams have been working hard all season, both with stats of 16-3, ( winning 16 and losing 3). But does the winning only depend on how well they have been doing? Obviously not, the way the play and how they have been playing all falls back on the team's quarterback.

The Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes lll having two titles under his name, and The Philadelphia Eagles Jalen Hurts having no titles, after both teams having an amazing season, and showing that they are the best of the best.

In my personal opinion I am rooting for the eagles to win this year, hopefully they win. I don't wanna lose $200. But here’s to Super Bowl 2023, GO EAGLES.