Recently, a well-known R&B artist most known for her hit song called “Girls Need Love ” named Summer Walker announced on her Instagram and at a Dreamville concert she performed at that she would be releasing part two called Clear 2: Soft Life to her first EP she put out called Clear on January 25, 2019. She first hinted at new music coming out during her Dreamville concert by asking the crowd “Are you ready for some new music?” and dropping the bomb that on May 19th she would release her third EP. Many fans under her Instagram post were ecstatic and one person commented saying “Girl I ain’t tryna be sad this summer! But imma still stream!” The hit singer is known for her heartbreakingly toxic but soulful music. I’m not a big fan of her music but I’m lowkey excited to see her upcoming EP based on her previous album titled “Still Over It.” I loved how she put her raw emotion into that album but still made it enjoyable to listen to without making it very sad. When I asked my friend named Zoe if she heard about the EP coming out by Summer Walker she expressed she had seen it on Instagram and she’s joyous because her music has helped her get through tough times in the past. Another close friend of mine named Kalli told me she never heard of this new EP but will be tuned in once it drops. The last person I interviewed told me they didn’t necessarily like the artist nor did they listen to her but would maybe consider listening to it. All in all most people seem happy about this new EP release and can’t wait to hear it. h