We all make our paths by doing something we love in our lives. We make our mark in this world by showing our talents and our abilities in doing what we love. As students our passions can shine through the activities we do and how we do them. Passion is a feeling of strength and love for something or to do something. It comes from many people and for all sorts of activities. However it is what we are passionate about that makes all of us unique and is what can drive us.

Students were asked in a survey of what they were passionate about and why and this is what they had to say. A student who would prefer to remain anonymous, stated that they are passionate about health and fitness. They state that it is exciting for them to be able to be educated on the subject and pushes them to make it their career and become a nutritionist as well as a fitness trainer. Lucia Sellote says that she is highly passionate about biology. She explains that it is thrilling for her to be able to understand the human body and the purpose of why things such as the body are the way they are and the reasoning behind it. Geena Echon responded that she is passionate about Leadership and Connect Crew due to its influence on the campus and its students.

However passion stems from also personal experience as well moreover the academia of a person. Salem Vargas-Bernal, they are passionate about the individualist ideology. They explain that their passion stems from being a person of color as well as being a part of the LGBTQ+ community and has fueled for them being an advocate for people’s individual rights. Another personally fueled one comes from Savannah Rogers who is passionate about the care of bees. She further adds that it is important for our environment. Another student who is driven by personal passion is Star Gonzalez. Her passion is derived to help others and spread acceptance for everyone. She quotes and says, “I’m passionate about it because I was once a shy and quiet kid, who was reserved because I was too afraid to try. I regretted that and now I want to show everyone else they don’t have to resort to that.”

In the end, passion is what drives us to do what we love in this world. What our purpose is relies on the passion we have for it. As a wise quote once said, “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on the thing that excites you.”