Steve Lacy is an alternative R&B artist, who was a guitarist, singer, songwriter and co-producer for a Grammy-nominated album while still in highschool. He joined the group called “The Internet” in 2014 making his recorded debut on the band’s album “Ego Death” which the Recording Academy nominated for the Best Contemporary Urban Album. This allowed him to branch out in his music career to collaborate with different artists across genres. J. Cole’s “Foldin Clothes,” Kendrick Lamar’s “PRIDE,” Tyler the Creator’s “9/11/Mr.Lonely,” and Vampire Weekend’s “Sunflower” continuing to be more active throughout the years releasing lazing heartfelt solo material including an EP- length “Song Series” steve lacy's demo released in 2017 to the Grammy-Nominated full-length Apollo XXI (2019) and the Top Ten follow up Gemini Rights (2022).

Hearing teens scream the lyrics in full volume, blasted on people’s phones, cars, earbuds, etc. It was loud, and clear enough to be stuck in my head for a whole month. The song “Bad Habit” had people in a chokehold. A song by such a contemporary artist one wouldn’t expect to have the No.2 spot on Billboard's Hot 100. Thanks to Tiktok, the song was able to reach its popularity on the platform, users like Charlie D’Amelio and Hailey Bieber used the audio for brand promos. Leading for over 459,000 videos so far on tiktok using the song.It was the first song ever to top their Hot R&B/Hiphop songs, Hot R&B songs, Hot Alternative & Rock Songs and Hot Alternative Song Charts. The song personally was something I was able to enjoy and understand for its popularity. Like the other songs in his album ”Gemini Rights” it was a fusion of sounds, primarily R&B and indie rock. A song with a catchy hook for me to scream out in the car, knowing word for word of the lyrics. “Bad Habit” wasn’t the only song that was seen around tiktok. Songs like “Dark Red”, “N side,” “Static,” and “C U girl” were songs used consistently on tiktok, not for trends but just a song people genuinely got hooked to use.

Overall Bad Habit is a good song, it being memorable and its addicting hook with an instantly infectious great melody. Along with it having the necessary element to be both a TikTok favorite and pop hit. Hopefully “Bad Habit” can lead to more unexpected, slightly left-of-field, genre-blending artists getting notable recognition like Steve Lacy, Who was able to get the Tik Tok virality of streams and gain the fans Lacy is having.