Harvard psychologists have studied that the human mind turns to judgment without skipping a beat when interacting with a person they haven’t met. This judgment roots into many offensive stereotypes especially in schools across the U.S. Harvard studies came to a conclusion that the reaction is based on survival and the instinct to protect ourselves from harm. With so many stranger interactions going on at school on a daily basis it is inevitable for judgment and/or stereotypes to be created without thinking twice.

Someone’s appearance or body language can give a person a good profile of who that person really is and what they act like even if it is totally untrue. Profiling has become an even worse problem over the years as technology and digital profiles come into the social world. Stereotypes can be created just by what someone posts online or how they act online. Social groups are also a problem that has been going on for decades. Social groups are groups of individuals classified by society because of appearances and/or characteristics.

Profiling, Social grouping, and judgmental thoughts all lead to stereotypes around school. Students around school need to realize that we are all human on the inside and have a heart and have feelings. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but that does not mean you need to share it especially if it is a controversial one that could cause a disagreement. Drama is the last thing anyone needs especially in high school because it only leads to more problems and more hurt feelings.

Social media and the internet does not give a good influence on the mind of teenagers especially in this day and age of society. A quote from Simon Mainwaring, CEO of We First Inc. states,

“Social media demands a lot of us on top of our already demanding lives. So let’s disconnect as we need to and renew our interest in ourselves.”

Simon Mainwaring

The effect social media has on our thoughts goes unnoticed and it can plant negative thoughts in the minds of many people. Stereotypes are going to be around for years to come but it is never too late to start changing our thoughts of other people and stay more open minded to change. Open minded thinking will only lead to positive effects in schools across America and help students and teachers live better judgment free lives.