Winter weather, white as snow. Now its getting warmer, where to go? Leaves of green sprout on trees, flower petals blow in the breeze. Now it’s spring, season of fun. Here’s an idea of what to do in the sun. The winter season is coming to an end. As we put away our winter coats and blankets, we prepare for fun days in the sun and nature blossoming around us. Spring alongside autumn are the seasons in between the hot and cold. Spring begins on March 20th, which gives plenty of time for preparation for plans and fun activities to do in the new coming season.

What better way to celebrate the new season of flowers and bunnies than with a fun way to connect with family, friends and your community: The Spring Has Sprung Spring Festival hosted by NHS. If you like and have been to CSF’s Safe Halloween, you will be familiar with this event. It is being hosted at Freedom High School on April 4th beginning at 4:45 to 7pm. Clubs on campus such as Key Club, Centre Stage, and Math Club will have chances to run booths and activities and a few clubs will have the opportunity to fundraise by selling drinks and snacks for the attendants. We still have positions open for clubs to take for fundraising as well as to run a booth for the event. Now you might be asking: why would I want to go to this event?

There are a couple of reasons. One reason is to show school spirit and support the clubs on campus as well as the community spirit. Another is to have fun. The festival is a great place to have fun, kick off the spring season and play fun games. It is a chance to also cement some new memories with your friends and family. Finally this is also a great way to interact with clubs and get community service hours. This is also one of the final chances for seniors to attend a school event for memories before graduation. NHS is happy to host the event and we welcome all and everyone to attend.