Spring Break, a time that all students look forward to, a long week of sleeping in, staying up late, hanging out with friends, and having fun. But what do you do exactly to have fun? Most people during spring break tend to go on exotic vacations with their families and friends but what if you can’t afford something such as that ? If you live around the Brentwood/ Oakley area the streets of Brentwood is always a popular place to go with your friends to walk around and shop or even go to watch a movie at the amc. If you don’t live around there, have no fear there are still plenty of things that you can do to ensure that you have a fun spring break. If you so happen to live near the concord area you can always go to the Red Door Escape Room that is obviously located in concord, the escape room has nothing but positive reviews one reviewer made a comment that they went to the escape room and quote “had an absolute blast” another reviewer who went that happens to be a friend of mines (hannah) said that she went with a few of her friends and she “had a lot of fun and would 100% recommend that i go” i have never personally been but i am now considering. Another place you can go near that area is Q-Zar Laser Tag , a fun place to go with your family or even with a small or large group of friends. I just recently went there with my friends and I had a lot of fun.

But what if you don’t want to spend money? There are still things you can do without spending any of your hard earned money, things such as going on a late night drive with your significant other or even with a group of friends, maybe go to a local park and hangout with friends, or take your pet or pets to the dog park and play with them for a while.

There are lots of things to do over spring break but it is all up to you, there are endless things to do, but how you spend your spring break is entirely up to you.