The weather is changing, it's starting to get more hot throughout the day, the sun is shining

It's the start of spring, with the new season a bunch of people including myself love to make playlists according to the seasons such as a playlist for the winter, the fall, the summer, and now a playlist for the spring.

Here are a couple of songs that I have choose that I think have spring vibes to them :

1. First Love / Late Spring - Mitski

“ The black hole in the window where you sleep. The night breeze carries something sweet, a peach tree.” - When I hear this lyric I visualize myself sleeping in a house but that's in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of trees and nature surrounding me so that I feel safe.

2. Pink + White - Frank Ocean

“ That's the way everyday goes Every time we've no control If the sky is pink and white” - The song Pink + White by Frank Ocean, anytime I listen to his music, it makes me feel like I’m floating in a cloud from above. In specific though this song I feel is perfect for the spring time or even for the summer time as well.

3. Run To The Sun - N.E.R.D.

“ It goes while you're here I wanna tell you something Is that I love you, girl And, and I wish we could run to the sun And never come back Yeah “ - Run to the sun by N.E.R.D. is the perfect song to listen while driving in the car on a sunny day, perhaps thinking of your significant other and how you just want to run away to the sun with them. Which is technically impossible because you would die from how hot the sun is but it's a sweet groovy song to listen to in the car.

4. HOT WIND BLOWS - Tyler, The Creator

“ Ladies and gentlemen We just landed in Geneva Yeah, that's in Switzerland We on a yacht A young lady just fed me French vanilla ice cream We all got our toes out, too Call me when you get lost “ - When I listen to this song by Tyler, The Creator I just picture myself eating ice cream on a hot day, hence the title of the song “ Hot Wind Blows”.

5. Hello, Sunset - Red Velvet

“ I contain all of the sky and sing to you The moment our eyes meet again, fall in love Thank you, as much as you’ve waited for me I’ll hug you tight” - The song Hello,Sunset by Red Velvet is a very bittersweet love song that takes place during the summertime, despite the theme surrounding summer, I feel it is still perfect for the spring time considering there's lots of parts of the song mentioning the word sunset. It's a super mellow and soft song that would be perfect to listen to while actually looking at the sunset.

Here are other songs that I think would also fit the spring vibe
1. You and I by Elris
2. Over Now by Calvin Harris, The Weeknd
3.Hug Me by Pharrell Williams
4.As It Was by Harry Styles
5.Sofia by Clairo
6.Cornelia Street by Taylor Swift
7.Love Is Only a Feeling by Joey Bada$$
8.Heaven by Clairo
9.Is This It by The Strokes
10.Infrunami by Steve Lacy
11.Kamikaze by Omar Apollo
12.Skate by Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic
13.Teddy Bear by NCT Dream

Feel free to add your own songs onto the spring playlist I made on spotify ! My user is @emariagjacobo and the playlist is titled with a leaf emoji

Elizabeth Maria Jacobo

Elizbeth Maria Jacobo is a part of the Class of 2023 at Freedom High School. They enjoy writing, listening to music, and drawing cats.