Edward Scissorhands was released to the public on December 7,1990 and was directed by Tim Burton. Tim Burton has had various successful movies such as “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Corpse Bride”. In this film, Johnny Depp plays Edward and Winona Ryder plays Kim.

This movie is about a man who lives in a giant castle at the end of his neighborhood. Within the walls of that castle, is a scientist who builds a person, but unfortunately the scientist passes away and leaves his creation left with scissors for hands. That man that he creates is Edward Scissorhands. The movie starts out with an elderly lady looking outside her window and looking at the castle in the far distance. She sits back in her chair and starts telling a story to what is believed to be her granddaughter. The movie cuts to a scene of a lady named Peg, who is trying to sell her products from house to house, but doesnt get any luck in doing so. She then decides to drive up to the castle that is down the street and in the castle she discovers Edward. After having a conversation with him, she decides to take him home. Once home, Peg shows Edward around her house, and even gives him clothes so he can feel more at home.

The main premise around the movie is how Edward has never had any real social interaction but when he is introduced to characters such as Peg and Kim, he soon develops a bond with them, and through them he gets to experience what it's like to be cared for. He now lives with Peg and her family, but as a result causes a lot of gossip in the neighborhood. Peg’s neighbors such as Joyce, Helen, and Marge start to gossip and it stirs up the conversation of who Peg’s new guest is. Then, because of curiosity, Peg’s neighbors come and visit Peg and suggest that she is going to have a party to introduce Edward to the neighborhood. Later at the party at Peg’s house, everyone who meets Edward starts to tell him that they know a doctor who can help him, suggesting that he can live a better life if he didn't have scissors for hands. At the party, all of Peg’s neighbors are intrigued by Edward, but that soon takes a turn when Kim’s boyfriend, Jim, decides to frame Edward.

The cops show up at Jim’s house where Edward is locked up and doesn't know what to do. The police start calling out to Edward to come out of the house and drop his weapons. The police do not know that the suggested weapons that they think Edward has are actually his hands. When the police are about to open fire, the neighbors start rushing out trying to stop the police and explain to them that Edward has scissors for hands. This causes lots of gossip within the neighborhood, because everyone is starting to believe that Edward is a bad person for trying to steal. Despite the drama surrounding Edward, Peg still cares for him.

Later on, Peg and Kim start decorating the house for their Christmas party, and Edward is seen outside cutting up the snow and building an ice sculpture. However, this scene soon turns sour after Jim starts to yell at Edward, causing him to run away. While Edward is on the run, he starts acting reckless by cutting the bushes of the neighbors and even decides to pop someone's car tire, and because of that all the neighbors become scared and call the police.

When Edward realises that the police are after him he runs back up to his castle to hide. The neighbors gather at the castle, eager to know Edward’s whereabouts. The policeman shoots a fake gunshot in the air to make it sound like he killed Edward, when in reality it was just to get the neighbors to go home. But in reality, Kim is the one up there in the castle for Edward, Edward and Kim share a sad moment.

The movie ends with the lady that we first saw in the beginning of the movie. That lady was Kim. This movie overall gives off the major message that regardless you shouldn't feel bad about your flaws and rather embrace them. Edward hid in that castle ashamed of his scissor hands, but then met someone who loved his flaws. Overall the movie is very fun and lighthearted with several themes and messages that are up to the viewer to interpret them. Definitely recommend watching with family or friends.