In times of need, it is important that students have an outlet to talk about their mental health or other concerns. Many students may not have access to a therapist, an out of school psychologist, or maybe someone to talk to which is why it is important that students are given some sort of safe space here on campus.

Freedom has two certified on campus psychologists, students under the C or D building will set an appointment with Christina Akin. Students under the B or E building will set an appointment with Danika Webster.

Both their Liberty Union email and other contact information can be accessed on the Freedom High School website under the School Psychologist section under the tab labeled “Staff.” From there, you will be able to make an appointment with either school psychologist by contacting them through either email or their work number.

Although Freedom has on campus psychologists, other helpful information can be found anywhere. For example, on the back of every student’s ID card you are able to find the numbers to the Contra Costa Crisis Centers, which are open 24/7. Both the Crisis & Suicide hotline and the Grief hotline can be found near the bottom of the card, above the Crisis Center and 211database website IDs as well as a number to access the community resources.

While using any of the websites, you will find various tabs regarding different circumstances (Mental Health, Food Support, Shelter/Housing, etc.) which will lead you to different websites and give you access to numbers and other contact information to doctors/companies that are able to help you regarding your situation. Both Crisis Center and 211database provide training (for volunteer hospital advocates, those who work with domestic violence perpetrators, or those who are seeking out a CPAIP (Certified Partner Abuse Intervention Professional) certification), however with Crisis Center you will need to pay for training. More information about training can be found on either website.

It is important that students have some sort of access to resources like these because it allows them to become more comfortable knowing that they have access to help in any situation whenever they need it. If you or anyone you know is in need of help or are interested in training, please inform them on the opportunities and resources our district/community offers.

If you have any questions regarding Freedom’s psychologist, you will be able to reach the school psychologists using their emails: Akin, Christina: Webster, Danika: