The grading system in schools has changed for the worse since the return of in person school. Throughout the country schools are finally back to normal but some things are still in use from when the country’s education was forced to be online. This effect from online education has resulted in a hybrid school that many students have returned to.

Canvas and Google Classroom, both being web-based learning management systems, have been implemented in almost all schools across the country. They have both had positive and negative impacts on students in America. Canvas is the most common and most used web-based learning management system.

With the return to in person school physical grading and online grading have been forced to converge together. Many teachers are doing both physical and online grading which can make things very difficult for students to keep up with assignments and grades. In this new hybrid school year Canvas has taken over the grading systems of many teachers and it is full of flaws. Online school last year made submitting assignments pretty straightforward for students.

Everything was done online and there was no question whether something was going to be turned in physically or digitally. Although, online school did have its difficulties, for example, contacting teachers was a difficult task in itself because email was the main source of communication which may not always be reliable. Due dates were stricter and not as flexible as they are in person because of the way Canvas’ grading systems were set up by teachers. With it being the first time school has ever been online in the U.S. it was inevitable for there to be technology issues on platforms like Zoom, Canvas, and Google Classroom. These issues rooted from quarantine school have still affected students even after being back in school.

The hybrid school year that has been going on for almost five months has revealed many flaws that already existed from last year or have been created due to the new schedule. For the rest of the year it is going to be a test to see how teachers and students feel about school being back and what needs to be changed. Personally, I feel that there are many things that could be changed in order to make the lives of teachers and students less stressful and I hope to see more positive modifications to our school.