With prom around the corner for our school, what you should wear is quite important. You don’t want to show up wearing the same dress or find out everyone is wearing the exact same color as you. It’s a horrible experience. I decided to look into what trends we’re seeing this year when it comes to what you should wear during this exciting day.

As a senior, this is my second prom and the dresses I've seen so far are much more dramatic than junior prom. I asked for many peoples' dresses to see what is consistent and what is a little more unique and out of the box. A disclaimer as well, I’m only going over dresses as there is so much more diversity and wider range than a tux per say. With that, let’s first hit the history of prom. Proms in America go as far back as the early 1800s. They were first introduced as Promenade and a way for men to show off their new social status and founded manners. It wasn’t until the late 1890s that it moved toward high schools for the senior classes.

Now, let’s go into what I found. Looking at multiple sites, I saw what they thought of these trends. David’s Bridal said there will be a lot of sequins and New York Dress said the same thing. They also noted the increase of fitter dresses with flares (think mermaid styles and long trains), bold and bright colors (oranges, blues, pinks, greens, and hot pink), glitters and iridescent fabrics with rhinestone details, feathers, corsets and lace detailing.

I even looked at Tik Tok as some proms around the U.S. have already happened. What I saw there was a lot of color, mostly oranges, blacks, and dusty pinks. There was also a lot of fit and flare but I also saw more of a variety of fits like ball gown skirts, A-line fits, and Slips. There’s also a mix of aesthetics shown but the most popular are definitely glam and elegant. Glam was seen with a lot of the fitted dresses, designed with sequins and elegance was seen with a lot of the darker colored dresses and specifically with gloves.

Now, looking at the wonderful students of Freedom, I was able to see the trends that were matched. First, looking at my own dress, I basically am the definition of these trends. My dress, which is a dark green, is a fitted dress that flares into a train, matched with a lace corset top with rhinestone details and a leg slit. Next, I looked at Noelia Lopez’s dress which very much fits the elegant aesthetic that is very much becoming popular. Her dress is a black, bandeau, satin slip dress with a leg slip. It’s fitted at the top but doesn’t flare out into a train. She’s matching it with black gloves, really feeding the elegance present.

Up next is Mio, who’s dress is absolutely gorgeous, I must say. Their dress is a beautiful dark dress that’s fitted at the top with the mesh laying down in an elegant way on the bodice. It’s matched with a leg slit as well.

I asked others, who wished to be anonymous. There were some unique dresses, ones that didn’t really fit the trends but had some elements that matched. Most are fitted, some are flared, a lot of different colors, and many leg slits as well as an extremely small number of corsets (which is completely understandable). Though I definitely did not get everyone, I wanted to make this article to help you all truly stand out at your prom. Go out of the box, even if you're unsure about it. The dress you may hesitate to buy may be the one who makes you feel the happiest.

Mariza Soto

Mariza is a senior at Freedom High School and a writer for the Falcon’s Eye. She enjoys golf, reading, and writing in her free time.

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