Throughout the evolution of media such as films and literature we have heard of the idea of a soulmate. A soulmate is defined as someone whom you have a deep connection with but not having a dependence on said person. But have you heard of a soulmate in the form of platonic love? We all have different forms of love and not all of us will feel that romantic soulmate love but rather the platonic soulmate love. We can see this love within dynamic duos in films and even in our daily lives with best friends we may have not realized are our platonic soulmates.

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There's so many examples of this dynamic in modern day media. Let's take it back to maybe one of the first examples we see in none other than Marlin and Dory from Finding Nemo. They have to be one of the more perfect examples of platonic soulmates because even though Dory may not remember much she does still remember how much they understand each other on that deeper level than a regular friendship. Dory will always find her way back to Marlin which I believe to be one of the more important factors of that dynamic.

Now let's talk about Meredith and Cristina from Grey’s Anatomy…i know the title may be off putting but they are literally each other’s person. They have that dynamic of being able to talk to each other about absolutely ANYTHING and know when they’re upset and just the right thing to say. When Cristina was about to walk down the aisle Meredith was the only one that knew exactly what to say so she was prepared to walk.

Lastly, Robin and Steve from Stranger Thingssss!! They have such a sibling dynamic that truly makes their relationship so special. Their interaction while working at Scoops Ahoy is always funny to watch because they have that love-hate relationship but they’re still about to talk about serious topics such as Robin’s sexuality.

Getting into the personal aspect however I believe I have been able to experience that platonic soulmate love with none other than MIOOOOO<3 We’ve known about each other since our freshman year but just last year were we able to truly build that deep connection. They are the one of the first people I come to about anything, I am able to talk to them about topics without fear of judgment and full details whereas other people I fear being too detailed but not with them. We talk about literally anything and it’s truly refreshing to have them know every single topic or experience I have had. Another thing that I failed to mention in the examples before but what separates the best friends from platonic soulmates is the separation. The idea of being away from them is possibly the worst thing imaginable that even thinking about makes my soul crush into a million pieces.

Anyways before I cry, I had the opportunity of interviewing a junior here at freedom named Madi C. I asked them who it was and how they came to that conclusion and they said, “Her name is Lili, after we gradually became closer we realized we could talk about anything for hours and never get bored. We just get eachother but we don't see each other romantically and never really have.” It is a bit hard to explain the difference between like regular best friends and platonic soulmates unless you’ve been able to experience it first hand but I hope you're able to get a rough idea about how deep the connection runs.

Evie Aguirre

Evie Aguirre is a senior at Freedom High School. Besides being one of the editors for Arts and Entertainment, they’re also the vice president for Art Club! She enjoys dancing, reading, crocheting and playing cooking mama.

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