New year, new me. That’s the saying, right? Well, what comes with the new year is a new version of yourself. Whether that be a different style, new shoes, different hair, or even new piercings. Here, I'm going to discuss the best piercings to get for when you want to reinvent yourself.

Getting our ears pierced as a child at Claire’s is almost a rite of passage. Back then, earlobes were the most common spot to add some sparkle to our looks, with rebellious teens dabbling with their cartilage or even belly buttons. But now, piercings are so much more than they used to be. You have people piercing every part of themselves. But what about safety? Well, you have your obvious earlobes and nose rings. But sometimes we want to get a bit creative. Here are the five cutest and yet safest piercings to get!

1: Belly button: The belly button piercing is becoming one of the most common piercings, but that doesn’t make it any less cute. It’s one of the safest because the skin is generally thick enough to not go too deep into the belly button. I personally have my bellybutton pierced and the pain was about a 4/10 on the pain scale. I would definitely recommend it because it’s like a constant accessory and even though it takes a while to heal, it's not painful.

2: Earlobe piercings: Earlobe piercings are the safest piercings to get because they’re fleshy and fatty, with strong blood flow. They heal quickly, reducing the risk of an infection. You can also get multiple piercings there and accessorize as you please.

3: Eyebrow piercing: The eyebrow might seem scary to some but it’s actually one of the safer and less painful piercings to get. If performed by a professional, the needle glides through very easily. I personally really want my eyebrow pierced because they’re safe and cute! The main risks are just infections if not taken care of properly which is the same for any piercings.

4: Septum: Now if you’re like my mom you may be thinking “EW a piercing in your nose isn’t that gross?” Well, not exactly. Because of the placement of the septum, it can be self-cleaning. It’s actually a very common piercing lately. Yet another one that I yearn for.

5: Vertical labret: The vertical labret, you know what's coming, yes another piercing I would do anything for. It’s one of the safest lip piercings to get as because of the way they’re positioned, lip piercings at this angle have a reduced risk of damaging teeth, Gums and the bones in your mouth.

And with that, always make sure you get your piercings done safely and professionally. Be safe and thank you for reading!