Sometimes living in the present is hard, especially with a lot of the cringy writing of modern films that try so desperately to “connect with the kids.” Here's a reminder that classics are classics for a reason and it’s never too late to jump back in time and watch period pieces. Period pieces are films that are set in time periods such as the late 1800s and early 1900s. Now it’s time to travel back in time and listen to a couple of my favorite period pieces.

Little Woman is a beautiful classic book that was brought to the screen in 2019. Of course the book is always going to be better but the movie does a good job of bringing to life the coming of age of the 4 March sisters. Meg as the oldest is married to a school teacher, Jo is a writer in New York, Amy is studying art and fine society in Paris and Beth is still at home with her mom being home school. They all return home for Christmas and during that time Beth contracts the scarlet fever and Jo stays home to care for her. In the meantime Amy is sent to live with her great aunt seeing that she is the only one who hasn’t contracted it. Overall it's a beautiful piece that does an amazing job encapsulating the story that is the March sisters and the life of women in the early ages.

There’s something so beautiful about the intimate love of period pieces. Based on the principles of rare innocent touch between two lovers brings the tension of a growing love, the need for people to break stereotypes and entertaining deception of high society. Bridgerton is a 2 and soon 3 season show following a high class society in england. The first season follows the Bridgerton family, the Featherington family, the Duke of Hastings and many others. Daphne Bridgerton comes from a big family and is the first lady to make her debut into society to which she is now faced with the reality of finding a suitor to leave the nest for. In the second season we still follow the Bridgerton family but now with the eldest and head of the family Anthony Bridgerton and his run in with the returning Sharma family. He has his challenges with finding a “worthy” woman to marry with as he would say. The third season is in works to follow the backstory of the parents of the family but primarily the Queen’s backstory. I strongly recommend this series as it is a truly stunning TV show to follow not only visually but how people love.

Another one of my favorites is Anne with an E, which is another TV series that is coming of age. The show is actually based on a book series called Anne of Green Gables and the adaptation is so so good. I have yet to read the books but I assure you from my references they are good books too. The show is set in Canada and follows an orphan Anne as she is adopted by a brother and sister, Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert and how she adapts to a new environment. She had only really known a life of tragedy but when she arrived in Green Gables she was met with unconditional love from the Cuthberts. She is also able to make friendships that show her the same kind of love and even brings her experiences to open the town to new perspectives. The show does an extraordinary job of showing Anne unlearning the harm from her trauma and how she helps to break stereotypes. Honestly I could go on forever about this masterpiece and how much I love each of the characters and their journeys. This show was robbed of a 4th season but nonetheless it is great with the 3 it has.

All in all I highly recommend these films. They are entertaining in bringing you back in time and showing how people lived their lives and how they come to age with very different society and social norms than ours. Have fun watching!