I wanna give an important message that it’s okay if you don’t know who this man is. It’s not an extremely serious article just for the laughs and giggles!!

A wise and very attractive man once said, “Daddy is a state of mind” and that man is none other than Pedro Pascal. Now if you know who this man is you have taste and if you don’t….how does it feel to be tasteless?? Just kidding! Kinda anyways that's fine I guess, I'm here to bless you with the knowledge of such an influential man.

Jose Pedro Balmaceda Pascal is a Chilean actor who has been in the film industry for over two decades. The fact that he’s latino is reason enough for the hype and if you disagree…side eye. But anyways if you've seen a film he’s probably been in it. You cannot run from this man and that’s good to me! His most popular roles being Mandalorian (Mandalorian), Javier Pena (Narcos), Oberyn Martell (Game of Thrones), and Joel Miller (The Last of Us). He rose to a bit of fame for his role as the Oberyn seeing as the role was so good if you know what I mean. And then recently an editor (@dvcree bless this person) on tiktok did an edit of him as Agent Whiskey in Kingsman: Secret Service and it went absolutely insane garnering over 24.3 million views and 3.0 million likes. If you saw a green screen template on tiktok it was most likely that beautiful edit. After this everyone knew who he was in some capacity. and if you didn’t then why not?? Wake up and look at everything he’s been in neow.

Along with his famous film roles also he grew to fame with his very bromantical relationship with Oscar Issac. They first met in 2005 on Broadway and eventually got famous for their roles in Triple Frontier. If you look at their interviews together you immediately are enticed by their funny relationship. People see their relationship and the films that he has been in and take an immense liking to him. He’s just funny, kind and supportive! In recent years his sister came out as transgender and Pedro’s immediate support of her (as he should) just makes you feel supported as well. Him being an ally is incredibly heartwarming to his fanbase as a lot of the fans from The Last of Us are a part of the LGBT+ community.

Overall Pedritio is a lovely man. The roles that he has played is what really sparked the hype on him but after a closer look into his character the hype just hypes….all i'm saying is that he’s very babygorl yup! He's a silly man so I hope you have been able to see the popularity that he has rightfully garnered.