With the new school year brings new hall passes and town passes. Last year, we had a simple system of printed white passes that teachers would fill out, or hand-written Post-It notes. Unfortunately, these were confusing for students and staff, plus they could be inaccurate. For the safety of students, this system needed to be updated.

This year, hall passes are color coordinated. Every building has their own color for passes so they’re easily recognizable. This allows campus staff to identify if a student is in the correct area, especially if an emergency happens on campus. The colors for each building are:

Gray: B building and H quad

Teal: D building and K Quad

Purple: E building, J Quad and A Quad

Dark Green:C building and I Quad

Neon Green: Portables

White: P.E.

Acquiring hall passes is still the same. Ask your teacher if you can be excused, and they will fill out the pass for the appropriate location and time. These passes should also have an estimated time on your arrival back to class. An example is if you go to the bathroom at 9:20, the pass might say that you will be out of class between 9:20 to 9:30. This prevents kids from leaving class for too long, but also helps in cases of emergencies if something happens to the student outside of class.

Town passes are not the same as hall passes. Town passes are for if a student has to go off campus, like for a doctor’s appointment. To get a town pass, your parent or guardian would need to class the main office for your departure. The school does not require you or your parent or guardian to reveal the reason that you are leaving school. Once the school has been called and notified, a slip will be sent to your class saying you’re excused, or the town pass will be sent directly to you. Either way, you will go to A office to exit or receive your town pass and then leave. This is necessary to ensure students are not leaving campus unsupervised.

The passes may seem unnecessary to some people, but the main purpose is for the student’s safety. If something happens on campus and a student cannot be located, they could end up injured or in trouble. Leaving campus unannounced might result in worse consequences.

Please be courteous when requesting passes, as everyone is still adjusting to the new system. The time period of annoyance will blow by before we know it. Always remember- safety first.