Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play, colorful, vibrant, team based, first person shooter. In which, you could play in a variety of game modes; like capture, payload, and push. Choose a hero to play as! There are nimble; offensive characters, more hefty tank-like heroes, or pick a more helpful role as a support hero, all are welcome!

Unlike its predecessor, Overwatch 1, this game adds three new heroes to its cast! Making the total number of playable heroes 35. These heroes are the Canadian, Cyber Soldier; Sojourn, The Australian, swole royalty; Junker Queen. And the Japanese, fox-spirit healer; Kiriko. This new installment also comes with a new gamemode called push and as well as a lot of reworks done to their characters from Overwatch 1. In addition they added a battle pass.

My opinion as a player who has played Overwatch 1, a few months after its release in May of 2016 is that I am very happy to have an air of new life for the game but a problem that the game does have is that it is very similar to Overwatch 1. The new changes to the heroes are refreshing but the gameplay at its core is the same. This game is not that welcoming to new players, with it being very complex to pick up and get the hang of, some of the heroes have an insanely high skill ceiling and are a little scary to use. My friend Evie, whose first shooter is Overwatch 2 says that,” being a new player to the game was very intimidating especially since it was my first shooter game

The controls are very confusing since each character has different weapons and they don’t do the same amount of damage. I do appreciate that the game was free to download but the amount of time it took to get into the game left me even more intimidated.” To elaborate, during the games launch there was a queue of 40,000 that you had to wait in line and get through before you could even play the game, also the games servers were hacked and you couldn't play in North American Servers for the entire launch day.

To wrap things up, Overwatch 2 is a game that you need to approach with a bit of experience to tackle, but it is a very fun way to spend your time online with friends. I enjoy the lore and beautiful colors that Overwatch paints all over their world, but Overwatch 2 feels more like an Overwatch Graphical Update 1.5. I hope the game can evolve even further and grow in the future, but as for now here's to hoping. 2 Chloe stickers out of 5.