The time is coming near where it’s time to slayday and if you’re not slay that's code for valentines day. If you’re like me and are single the only thing on my mind is how I'm gonna wear an outfit to get a valentine. I will be cupid for myself if you will. However I'm not alone in this; many people have been anticipating this day and planning outfits for it so here’s a quick guide on how to dress for the occasion

The first things that come to mind when we think of valentine's are red, white, pink, hearts etc etc. Keeping these things in mind we get a rough idea of the colors and patterns to incorporate into the outfits! An important thing to also consider is how the holiday is perceived, for example it’s a soft and lovely holiday so we want to keep the sweet vibe when it comes to the outfit. Typically for the fem kind of look you want to go with a skirt or a dress but keep those fabrics flowey and princess-like. Having an outfit with lots of movement is what you should generally be aiming for.

When looking at these outfits you can see that the colors tend to be red and white with a bit of patterning, although the skirt outfit does have cherries on the skirt it’s still in the theme and incorporates the red for the holidays. Keep in mind that the red is very bright instead of a muted red that you generally see for christmas time, try to go for a brighter red for that valentines look.

Another route is to include hearts!! This is definitely what everyone thinks of when you think of valentine's day and can be used in a feminine or masculine way.

For a more masculine option of non skirts and dresses I’d recommend the color red. A nice red vest or cardigan is a fun way to incorporate the holiday’s color palette in your outfit. Especially since it’s still going to be fairly cold in february red is a color you can easily layer to your outfit.

A fun little way to be festive but subtle is accessories, personally I really love and anticipate the accessories to see on that day since it’s a fun holiday to make them for! Accessories such as bags, earrings, necklaces, headbands, rings, bracelets and even sunglasses are perfect ways to add valentine into your outfit!

Hopefully this is a helpful guide to be festive for the famous loveday and Slay safely!

Evie Aguirre

Evie Aguirre is a senior at Freedom High School. Besides being one of the editors for Arts and Entertainment, they’re also the vice president for Art Club! She enjoys dancing, reading, crocheting and playing cooking mama.

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