Yes war is hard, college is hard, death is hard, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT’S HARDER?? PICKING AN OUTFIT FOR A CONCERT!!!!! It is so unnecessarily hard to pick a good outfit for a concert,I don't know who put the pressure of picking an outfit for concerts but fear not I am here to help you! To better relieve your worry, I have taken 2 years of fashion design so I'd say I'm pretty well versed on this subject.

With anything in life it’s always good for you to put research into things. To list the most important factors to research there’s time, venue, setlist, artist vibe and weather. For the most part concerts are held in the evening, which is very convenient because it gives room to layer!!! Layers always add another dimension to your outfits and you know if you’re really trying to impress that artist, then layer your little heart away! But on that off chance that it is in the afternoon, like for example festivals, you can layer but lightly. Venues are one of the more important factors into planning an outfit for many reasons. A smaller venue will get pretty humid because people are screaming, this just means bringing a lighter cover layer. The bigger a venue the less humidity and that gives you a better opportunity to have a bit of a thicker layer. Next is the setlist, the vibe of a setlist can be so crucial when it comes to deciding colors. Along with the setlist is the artist, both can tell you if you need to dress in darker or lighter colors. You could have a softer setlist but the vibe of the artist can be a bit darker and that’s no problem! You can always dress in lighter colors but add jewelry that is more on the edgier side. Lets take the artist Melanie Martinez as an example, her and her albums have a light color scheme but both have a darker vibe. With this you could dress in pastel colors but put accessories such as chokers and metal hardware to make it a bit edgier. And likewise to artists who have darker colors but a softer feel you would just do the opposite. An example of this would be The Night Cafe, they have a couple darker albums but still have that soft vibe to them. You could dress in a darker color palette such as black, dark green and browns but have soft accessories such as beanies, berets, hair clips and a suede jacket. Lastly we have weather, regardless if it’s in the evening, winter and summer have completely different types of evening cold. If it’s in the summer try to stray away from heavy jackets such as leather, suede and puffers and get thinner jackets like cardigans. If it's in the winter go for a bit heavier jackets but not too much that it’ll make you have a pool of sweat from all the jumping. If that’s the case layer in different ways! You can always wear tights, long sleeves, pants of course or even a scarf. My last piece of advice is to make sure the colors go with each other, for example you could do a dark brown and forest green, red and black, blue and white, the possibilities are really endless. And if you want to go that extra mile, try to match the colors to the album on the setlist! Luckily those albums already have a coordinated color scheme picked out for you. Hopefully this is somewhat helpful to your thought process in picking out that perfect outfit, have fun and slayyyy!