The newly introduced event has been a big hit since its debut last year. The now president of Center Stage, Lauren Knight, before coming into her presidency had gone to Mrs.white the advisor for center stage and proposed the idea of a male pageant shows here is the thought behind Mr.Freedom.

How did you think of the idea of Mr. Freedom? "I thought of Mr. Freedom because I wanted to create something special at the school, and I knew liberty used to do a mr. Liberty for people to participate in."

When was the idea introduced? "the idea was introduced in April of 2022"

How did the first show go? "The first show went amazing. We sold out the theater and everyone loved it."

How is the next one expected to go? "The next one is expected to go better than the first. It will be more organized and will fundraise more money for the center stage."

What were your worries when first producing it? "my worries was that no one would participate or show up to the show. But I was wrong and many people applied and showed up."

What are you worried about as it continues with and without you? "I’m concerned that it won’t be carried on once I graduate high school, but I have faith in the center stage program to keep it alive."

What are you excited about for this new year of mr.freedom? "This year I’m excited to see all the fandoms come together and support their boys because it’s thrilling to see so many people come together."

So all in all Mr.Freedom was a spur of the moment new found love for everyone.