Have you ever watched a movie that has left you thinking and with some unanswered questions. Perhaps there are certain movies that come to mind but for me scenes from the following movies have left me thinking and trying to find a deeper meaning. First off the Oscar winning film, Parasite, directed by Bong-Joon-ho is a movie about this poor family, The Kims and how they take over jobs within the wealthy family, the Parks. The whole movie has to deal with how greedy people can become, and it's a constant cycle of greed. The main theme within this movie is how to kill the “Parasite”. The meaning of the word “ Parasite’’ in this film, is how to kill the “parasite” which is living off of one another.

In this sense the Park family lives off of the poor people and their labor, and the Kim family is living off the Park family that they work for, providing their services for the Park family and in return get paid for their services. A scene that shows this theme is when Ki Taek, the father of the Kim family, is with the mother of the Park family, out grocery shopping with her. Later in the car, the mother is talking about how lovely it was that it rained whereas, for the father of the Kim family, he had to deal with the flooding of his home because of the rain the night before.

A scene in particular that left me wondering was the scene towards the near end of the movie, where one of the children from the Kim family is seen is his house and is reading off a letter that he wrote for his father, hsi father who is still trapped inside the Park’s house living underneath the home, in the basement. In the letter he says that one day he will become rich enough to buy off the Park house and then all his father will have to do is come up the stairs from the basement and they will own that house.

The movie Parasite was heavily inspired by the movie Us directed by Jordan Peele. There are similar tropes and ideas within both movies. Which is the next movie I want to discuss, the movie Us directed by Jordan Peele is a movie filled with thriller and psychological horror. The movie is about a family named the Wilsons and they soon discover something.

For backstory, the main character, Adelaide is seen when she’s a younger girl with her parents at this carnival at the beach. She gets separated from her parents and ends up in a room with several mirrors, she looks at her reflection, and suddenly it moves. Ever since that experience she has been afraid to go to the beach.

Later in life, when she has a family of her own, she and her family decide to take a vacation to the beach, and during there, she gets very paranoid and memories from that day come to her. A scene that left me thinking was when at some point she fights her other person, her doppelgänger. The whole scene in itself is very intense and eerie. The thought of having to fight someone who looks exactly like you, but isn’t really you, sounds very scary. The way she held some sort of restraint in fighting someone that looks like her, I always thought that scene had a deeper meaning, but later on she eventually fights her doppelgänger. In conclusion when watching a movie, you always have to pay attention to certain scenes and every little detail. There’s always a deeper meaning depending on how you interpret it.