Minimalist wardrobes are wardrobes that only consist of what you need and use.

It's mindful of the impacts that fashion has on your life and has the overall goal of hoarding things you never wear.

Minimalist wardrobes can also be quite flexible, although most are on the smaller side. They keep your closet clean and simple!

Here's some steps to achieve your minimalist closet…

Step 1:

Put all of your clothes in a big pile. Many recommend putting the pile on your bed so you’ll actually follow through with it and will want it to be off your bed by the time you go to sleep.
Step 2:
Sort all the clothes into three piles… a love pile, a no (throw away or donate) pile, and a maybe pile. This makes it much easier to choose the clothes you want to keep. You should automatically get rid of clothes with holes (unless they came that way), clothes with stains, and clothes that don’t fit. You should put the clothes you wear most often in your love pile, and donate the ones you practically never wear.
Step 3: Go back to your maybe pile, and sort through all of it to see which items you will either keep or give away. Some of things you can do with the clothes you’re getting rid of are:

1. Donate to a consignment store
2.Swap clothes with friends
3. Donate clothes to Goodwill

When you’ve achieved your desired minimalist wardrobe, all that's left is to put them in a closet or dresser. If you want to have more of an aesthetic look to your closet here's what you can do… Finger space your clothes to give them some “room to breathe”, many expensive stores do this to make it look nicer.

Only hang up the clothes for the specific season you’re in. It leaves less clothes hanging there that you aren’t going to wear for a while.

Make all your hangers matching. Seems simple enough, and it can add to the look you’re going for. You could do plastic hangers all the same color, wood hangers, or even nice velvet hangers.

After achieving your minimalist wardrobe, you still may want more staple pieces, more simple clothing, or even just new clothes because you got rid of a large majority of what you may have had. Getting new clothes is always ok, but before you go out and spend a bunch of money you can always thrift. Thrifting is a very good way to get items of clothing you really want, and it isn’t as expensive as buying brand new! Another good way, especially for artistic people, to save money when buying clothes you want is to make it yourself. Even if you’re not good at sewing it can be a fun and cheaper way to get new clothing!

Once you’ve done everything and you have your desired minimalist wardrobe, you should never stop going through your clothes and getting rid of items that may not match your style, fit, or may not be in good condition anymore. Make sure to have fun with it and try not to stress over it! Minimalist wardrobes are so you do the opposite and not stress out over figuring out what to wear.