American singer-songwriter Melanie Martinez, who you may know from her most popular songs, Pacify Her, Play Date, Cake, and Dollhouse, Has gone through a serious transformation, but before getting into who they are now let's take a look at how she got here. Being born and raised in New york. She rose to fame when they went onto The voice in 2012 and since then they have published two albums with over 2,810,000 albums sold and 13.2M monthly listeners on spotify.

Melanie is an alternative pop, indie pop, elec tropop, and alternative rock artist, although personally I don't think her music can fit into such a small box. Melanie is also very well known for their “out of the ordinary '' fashion sense. Otherwise known as ‘Crybaby’ which is somewhat of her persona.

Melanie has recently gained a lot of attention for her new concept for her album “Portals”. While announcing the album she posted a concept video where many fans noticed they had slipped a ‘Rip Crybaby’ into the background of the video.

Many fans were reasonably confused and left wondering what that could possibly mean. Thankfully, Melanie being the queen she is, never left a fan without a clue.They uploaded five videos, one everyday, all surrounding her new concept, which were titled, ‘nucleus of creation’, ‘Developing’, ‘Incubating’, the last one being the full teaser to her new album. Which ended up being an Egg hatching of a pink alien with two sets of eyes.

This shocked many fans including myself but if you are a melanie stan then you know to always expect wild things from them. Do you support their new concept?