As athletes come into high school, the biggest question is if they’ll be placed on jv or varsity.

Now depending how hardworking and good you are you may be put on varsity. When talking to two now varsity playing players on the girls basketball team, they explained to me how there weren't any drastic changes but being more responsible with showing up on and off the court became a big thing. Another female athlete named Amaia expressed to me that “in varsity you have to put your heart in more because you’re playing at a different skill level.”

For a change of perspective I asked varsity playing football players and basketball players. Majority of the males told me the change was alright but the time and energy they put in was more than what they ever put in on jv.

When I asked some athletes “what words of encouragement do you have for those that are on jv trying to play varsity” one told me “I would tell them take being on jv serious, come into practices and games 100% ready to work, another student told me they would tell them to “help out wherever needed whether that be cheering on the bench or helping either on defense or offense.”

Overall, for most people the transition from jv to varsity isn’t hard but to get there you have to put in the hard work and show the coaches you care.