Just Stop Oil is an activist group formed in the United Kingdom with the intent of the British government stopping the new fossil fuel licensing and production. Just Stop Oil started early 2022 and now has a Twitter following of 74.8k and has protested many times, however recently they have been under fire for their protests.

Just Stop Oil so far has thrown soup on paintings, glued themselves to art gallery walls and race tracks, and painted a department store orange.

Many people believe that these protests are useless and are hurting the actual cause of Just Stop Oil. On October 14th, Just Stop Oil poured Heinz Tomato Soup on Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting “sunflowers” in a London art gallery then proceeded to glue themselves to the wall next to it. Shockingly this isn’t the first time that Just Stop Oil has tried to destroy art, they have also been linked to the man who smeared cake on the “Mona Lisa” in Paris and liquid mashed potatoes thrown at a piece by Monet in Potsdam, but why attack art in protest of oil? Attention.

Just Stop Oil had been having peaceful mundane protests for weeks but hadn’t been receiving any media coverage, the so-called activists then started brainstorming what could bring more attention to the cause. Spokeswoman for Just Stop Oil Mel Carrington told New York Times, “We tried sitting in the roads, we tried blocking oil terminals, and we got virtually zero press coverage, yet the thing that gets the most press coverage, is chucking some tomato soup on a piece of glass covering a masterpiece,”. After the cake smearing in Paris they believed attacking art would be the best way to draw attention to the cause Phoebe Plumber 21, while gluing herself to a wall on the 14th stated, “What is worth more, art or life?”. Most people online find these protests useless and think that they take away from the actual cause.

Twitter user Mark Davyd (@markdavyd) gave his opinion on the subject saying, “Everyone shouting at Just Stop Oil protestors for campaigning ‘the wrong way’… 50,000 people protested in London yesterday in the ‘the right way’ and the establishment and their media simply ignored them”. Just Stop Oil is focusing too much on attention and not enough on the actual cause. What do you find more valuable art or life? Are these protests justified or outright insane?