Junior Prom. The “event of the year” for most Juniors. It’s the closest dance equivalent to the Senior Ball and an excellent time to unite the class of 2023 after a school year being taken away due to the pandemic. In this certain age, students have acknowledged their “roles” in high school and more specifically who they’ve spent their time with, both in school and outside of campus. With having licenses and flexible curfews, students took this time to their advantage; whether it be choosing to get ready with friends, planning a dinner before the dance, picking a location for photos, and much more itineraries! With more than half of the student body participating in the school event, I was able to see the different routes young teenagers took on this one of many special days in their high school career.

“I had so much fun at junior prom! Got to spend it with a ton of people who I’d never thought I’d be so close with. We danced and sang and cheered and overall had so much fun. The experience 100% brought us all closer and I’m glad to call all of them my new friends!” -Samielle Lucero

“It was so much fun, definitely one of my favorite experiences I’ve had. I got to be around so many people I love and enjoy the night with them. Not only that, but I got to get closer to people I wasn’t as close with prior. From the dinner before to the after party later on, there aren’t words I could use to describe how great of a night it was.” -Connie Morrow

Clearly, there's a pattern with the student’s responses and how successful the night exceeded. Before the school dance began, students decided to go to the Brentwood City Hall with their family and friends to take group pictures. In conclusion, this is a “tradition” and an excellent way to begin the day with meeting, looking high classed, and creating memories through lenses. Although the majority of the class knows of each other, many decided to connect and create new friendships over the love of similar music taste, small conversations, and adorable compliments. Throughout the three hours, freedom hosted adorable activities to continue keeping the students entertained. Bean bag toss and Jenga were in the main quad open to all students. Thanks to leadership, the decorations were definitely the most photogenic spots to take group photos and simply admire the theme. An ongoing photobooth happened and many students ran to take quick shots with their friends with iconic props to make the photos more comical.

“Prom was actually really fun. It was a slow start, but once stuff started to gain momentum it really became a night to remember. From the confession, to getting sturdy on stage to Taylor Swift with my friends, there isn’t much I would change about the night. It was really fun overall.” -Anonymous

“Junior prom was a night to remember. From my favorite couple getting together to my blisters on the bottom of my feet, it was (to say the least) eventful. When I landed the water bottle flip I felt like I was so accomplished. 8/10 recommended.``

-Muskah Younis

As the school year is on the verge of coming to an end, this dance allowed the Juniors to unravel their school year into one large memory within memories. After nearly two years of having zero to no interaction with each other, the school dance was a perfect setting to appreciate the people we see everyday; whether it is in a classroom, someone you simply pass by, etc. With souvenirs, from photobooth pictures to flower corsages, the memory of the dance can last a lifetime.