I want to preface this by saying that I did an IMMENSE amount of research into this article so please take this very seriously….

Every four years we are graced by the infamous World Cup, which brings us amazing soccer plays from countries all around the world. but arguably it brings us something even greater…hot soccer players. I don’t know what these countries were hiding in the past for years but holy are these soccer players insanely attractive. As these 32 countries were competing for a trophy for their playing they also managed to play right into our dear hearts. Now I was never one for soccer, I still am not, but after the craze over the world cup I have for sure kept my eye on a few because most of my media has been flooded with these attractive players.

A player that has had the eyes of many, including mine, is Neymar Jr.

He’s a player from Brazil who charms you with his contagious smile. He plays as a forward for the Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and of course the Brazil national team. Do I know what any of that means? No but I can say that he plays well and he’s handsome.

Another player who comes up on this attraction spectrum is Ruben Loftus-Cheek. He is what I like to call beautiful.

He as well as Neymar has a contagious smile. I'm starting to think that one of the requirements to enter the world cup is to have a good smile because…it’s working. Anyways Ruben plays for England and he is a midfielder for Premier League Club and of course England's National Team.

Then we have James Rodriguez who plays for Colombia.

Surprisingly he’s 31, and MARRIED but again he has a pretty smile. Moving on I guess, he plays as an attacking midfielder or a winger for Super Greece Club Olympiacos and you know the Colombian National Team. he also spent many years playing for Real Madrid.

Now we have Marcus Rashford who again has such a contagious smile. He's a forward player from England who plays forward for Premier League Club and of course the England National team.

Something really cool about him is that he has been the youngest to receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Manchester last year!

One of the players that really took people’s eyes is Gue-Sung Cho, or as people know him, number 9. He's a player from South Korea who plays forward for Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors and the South Korea National Team.

He really broke out as a star and was even dubbed by fans as “world Cup’s sexiest player” not my words but I don’t disagree.

And finally we have my self appointed husband from the world cup, DIEGO LIANEZZZZ Words cannot describe how big my jaw dropped when I saw this man for the first time. Now I never paid much attention to the tiktoks about these soccer players but oh my.

He is a player from the Mexico National Team who plays as a winger for Primeira Liga Club. One of the biggest things he’s known for is his height, he's 5 '6, because of a viral clip from one of the recent games. A player from America was getting up in Lianez’s face and because he was taller he started calling him short and as one would he got angry and that made people go wild cause arguably that made him more attractive.

Now that you have seen this list I hope you have been convinced to invest some time into watching those soccer games, I know it influenced me!

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