Hobbies are an important attribute towards a person’s life; especially for young teenagers who are in the process of self-discovery. Everyone has a hobby that releases any undesirable feelings from their everyday lives. Many rely on physical activities, such as working out, to keep themselves in shape while others draw for a more creative aspect and relaxing moments. During fragile times, hobbies create a safe atmosphere for liberating unwanted stress, anxiety, and depression. The students of freedom high school share their different techniques when it involves coping with school, home, and social life.

Evan Moreno, a Junior who appreciates the art of music, expresses the importance of expanding one’s comfort zone through instruments. “I started playing the saxophone in 4th grade because I enjoy learning new things, but I also thought it was cool to see the marching band in the stands behind me as a kid growing up. The skills and exposure to new things you pick up learning musical instruments, like seeing situations from a different angle and managing your emotions, are so priceless. I love my community, and I’ve made so many memories along the way.” Evan has found his liking in joining the marching band and has recently conquered his fears by doing his first-ever saxophone solo performance in the new performing arts theater!