Harry Styles is one of the most popular artists in the world right now. He got his start at fame on the X Factor in 2012 when he auditioned as a solo act with the song ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ by Stevie Wonder.

Then he was only a 16 year old living in Holmes Chapel in England and now, he’s a multi millionaire with recording breaking songs amassing a total of over 5 billion streams on platforms like spotify and apple music. And now he’s breaking even more records with his third album “Harry’s House”. Here we're gonna dive into the details.

“As It Was” was the first song on Harry’s new album ‘Harry’s House”. It came out April 1st 2022. The official tracklist was released this month amounting to a total of 13 songs. Two of which, ”Late Night Talking” and ``Boyfriends”, were showcased at this past Coachella where he performed with Lizzo.

As of writing this, Harry's album has just been released on Thursday May 19, 2022! It’s currently released on all streaming platforms.

So far many people have had many opinions on the album. The song ”Matilda” specifically, everyone is obsessed with. My interpretation of the song is about someone who never felt loved or like they fit in with their family and they feel bad for feeling that way because family is supposed to matter.

Though others have had different interpretations like how it could be about growing up and leaving the school that treated you horribly. I know a lot of people can relate. I asked a few people their thoughts on this song specifically. Everyone who was a Harry fan and has listened to the song said that it’s incredibly vulnerable and raw and makes them extremely emotional. Many said it’s very different from his other songs on the album that are very disco and “groovy”. They said the entire album had a very happy summery feel and in general cheered them up. Many fans think Harry was experimenting a lot with this album and trying a lot of new things. Some have said this album is a representation of his growth as a musical artist.

For instance Music For a Sushi Restaurant and cinema are songs that could be described as very disco. In total this album has been very well received with the vinyl selling out within days. We can expect Harry to perform these songs and possibly some unreleased ones on his new tour.

If you haven’t already, stream Harry’s House on all listening platforms!